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New domain, everything up again

There´s a light at the end of the tunnel … well, we´ve reached the tunnel´s end, actually.

All parts of the SexsoundLovers Community are up again, faster and more reliable than before. All memberships and subscriptions are working, your login data will work with the new domain. All you need to do is bookmark the new addresses instead of the old ones:




Homepage (Blog)

The temporary archives located at will be deactivated now. Please send an email to if you encounter any problems with your account.

New Server for Sexsoundlovers

We have to face the fact that the domain is gone, taken by infamous criminals and their company Until today I was hoping for a spark of civility on their site but after waiting 48 hours for a DNS update nothing happened. So the old domains probably cannot be retrieved.

This means we we´ll need a new one that cannot be taken that easy by trespassers. And here comes:

Not yet completely implemented but the forum is working already. An email announcement to all registered members will be sent soon. The archives will follow so the slow temporary solution at won´t be needed afterwards.

I should not forget to mention that the new servers should be the fastest sexsoundlovers ever had.

Sexsoundlovers servers down

Dear Community

The provider switched off all servers, and seem to be dead. While there already is a solution for the archives (.net), the forum and the blog will be up again as soon as possible.

The link to the archives

The link to the new forum will be posted within the next days.

The forum is installed on new servers at the address. I´m now waiting for the DNS update to work. DNS means dynamic name servers, name servers provide the information on which server a website is stored.